What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear by Iris Carden I saw an article shared on social media this past week, on what women over thirty shouldn’t wear. Being somewhat over thirty, I was curious.  (In this context “somewhat over” means “rapidly approaching double that number.”) Sadly, women over thirty should apparently not wear anything fun, or practical…… Continue reading What Not to Wear

The Cost of Living

The Cost of Living by Iris Carden I saw an article from the Wall Street Journal shared on social media the other day.  It was titled: To Save Money, Maybe You Should Skip Breakfast.  Because the actual article’s behind a paywall, I don’t know if it’s a satirical commentary on the cost of eggs in…… Continue reading The Cost of Living

Ginger Beer Recipe

Ginger Beer Recipe Just for something completely different, today’s post will be a recipe for my favourite probiotic drink: homemade ginger beer. It’s done in multiple parts, and looks complicated, but is really very easy once you get used to making it. Make sure everything you use in making this is scrupulously clean. The idea…… Continue reading Ginger Beer Recipe

Happy Easter

Happy Easter dear readers. For Christians today is the most important day of the year, being the day we recall Jesus’ resurrection. For both Christians and non-Christians here in Australia, it’s also a day we tend to spend time with family and exchange Easter eggs. Typically Easter eggs are egg-shaped chocolate. Sometimes they’re rabbit-shaped or…… Continue reading Happy Easter