Movie short story by Iris Carden “Come in. Take a look.” “Wow, that screen really is big!” “It really is. So let’s try it out and watch a movie.” “What are we watching?” “I thought John Wick, unless you’d rather something else.” “John Wick: I don’t know that movie. What’s it about.” “It’s about this…… Continue reading Movie


Possession short story by Iris Carden It was meant to be a simple job. My instructions were to possess someone in this town and cause as much chaos as possible. Apparently the powers that be had a preferred candidate in the upcoming election, and needed as much distraction from actual issues as possible. This kind…… Continue reading Possession

Am I the Donkey Crater?

Am I the Donkey Crater? by Fantasia Dog Reddit has a section called “AITA?” That stands for “Am I the A….?” (That A is a rude word that combines words meaning “donkey” and “crater”.) People type in their stories, and other people tell them whether or not they’re a donkey crater. Usually people write in…… Continue reading Am I the Donkey Crater?

Held Up In Transit

Poem by Iris Carden My world came crashing down, the day my coffee maker died. I spent a day in shock, and periodically, I cried. Then the answer came to me, just before the day was done. I couldn’t live without good coffee, so I’d buy another one. I didn’t have the cash. I did…… Continue reading Held Up In Transit


Tourists Short story by Iris Carden It was a busy day in the service station cafe. A number of other travellers were waiting for their meals when the American tourists arrived. The Americans, a husband and wife ordered their coffee and sandwiches. “Can we have those to go?” the husband asked. “To go?” the checkout…… Continue reading Tourists