What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear by Iris Carden I saw an article shared on social media this past week, on what women over thirty shouldn’t wear. Being somewhat over thirty, I was curious.  (In this context “somewhat over” means “rapidly approaching double that number.”) Sadly, women over thirty should apparently not wear anything fun, or practical…… Continue reading What Not to Wear

Family Lies Chapter 13: Fake

Family Lies Chapter 13: Fake Emily had suggested the family all go home.  They’d stayed.  The adults were now sitting in the lounge room, while the children were at the kitchen table, drawing.  While the bomb squad had left, forensics were still in the back yard, and police were still around the neighbourhood. Detective Carstairs…… Continue reading Family Lies Chapter 13: Fake

The Garden

The Garden short story by Iris Carden Carla woke up.  Where was she? The walls were white.  The sheets on the bed were white. She was in a white nightdress. The person leaning over her was dressed in white. “Oh good. You’re awake,” the woman said. “Where am I?” Carla asked. “What do you remember?”…… Continue reading The Garden


Sleep poem by Iris Carden I’m lying in bed with a cat on my head and the dog by my side has gotten quite wide. I’m trying to sleep but the company I keep feels more secure when closer than near. I could give them a shove, but I accept their love and submit to…… Continue reading Sleep

Group Meeting Chapter 8

I seem to be in a lupus flare. Expect more posts that are just chapters of stuff I’ve already published. I will write new stuff as I have the energy, and cognitive dysfunction and the very sore joints of my fingers (along with all of the other very sore joints) allow. Chapter 8 Thursday Afternoon…… Continue reading Group Meeting Chapter 8

Group Meeting Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Wednesday Afternoon excerpt from Group Meeting by Iris Carden “So how was everyone’s day?” Sarah began.There was a shuffling of feet. Residents looked up down, everywhere and nowhere. “Anyone want to say anything?” Sarah asked. “Did you see the tapes?” Chantal asked. “Do you know who’s been making all the noise and hid…… Continue reading Group Meeting Chapter 6

The Week in Review

The Week in Review What I’ve Written Sunday: Tiffany and What We Think We Know When what people think they know isn’t what actually happened, it can cause problems for writers. Monday: Save Us Twin girls have an inventive plan to get themselves out of a difficult situation. Tuesday: Group Meeting Chapter 7 I didn’t…… Continue reading The Week in Review