The Week in Review

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The Week in Review 21 to 27 May 2023

What I’ve Written

Drawing: A large house, at night time. Caption reads: “It was a large, but otherwise unremarkable, house.”

Sunday: Trap

Things go wrong for the Human Defence Unit.

A wolf sitting under a tree, looking up at a full moon, with a bat flying past. Caption reads: “Vampires are killing werewolves.”

Monday: Neighbourhood Watch

Things are getting complicated for the Human Defence Unit.

Drawing: A little girl in a Red Riding Hood costume, running among some trees. Caption reads: “Hurry Mummy, help the doggy.”

Tuesday: A Plan Comes Together

The Human Defence Unit has a plan to deal with some aggressive vampires.

Drawing: Pizza. Caption reads: “With spicy salami, and hot, gooey cheese.”

Wednesday: Pizza

A poem about pizza, that makes me want pizza.

Drawing: A tree with a shadow face, at night-time. Caption reads: “Don’t look at the monster tree.”

Thursday: Tree

The strange tale of Anna who learned not to bully little kids.

Princess, a seal-point rag doll kitten, on the arm of a couch, with Fanta, a brindle Staffordshire bull terrier (stuffy) resting her head beside Princess. Caption reads: “I met my doggy sister, Fanta.”

Friday: Baby Photos

Princess Cat tells the story of how she came to her forever home.

Drawing of a partly-built brick wall with a sign saying: "Under construction." Caption reads: "Work in progress."

Saturday: Family Lies Chapter 22: Court

Elsie faces court for Henry’s murder.

A Blast from the Past

Photo: sunflower. Caption reads: “Why it matter

March 2022: Why it Matters

More than a year ago, when the war in Ukraine was new, people were sharing a post about why Ukraine mattered. It was all about primary resources, and not about people. I thought, and still think, human beings were more important.

What I’ve Read

Scream for Ice Cream and Murder by Lady Jabberwokky (Write with Heart) This story is a delicious serving of murder and mystery.

Chosen for a Reason by Dawn Benedict (Rhymes, Dreams, Fantasy and Thoughts) A look at the often wonderful, sometimes problematic relationships between mother and child.

Tite Frette by Nancy Richy (The Elephant’s Trunk) In this short story, revenge does not go as planned.

That Day by Emma Grigg (E J Grigg, Author) A poem about love, loss, and the conflicting emotions in grief.

Pomeranian Socialisation Tips (Pomeranian Puppies) I don’t have a Pomeranian, and don’t expect to ever have one, so I didn’t actually read the post. It has pictures of cute puppies. If you’re ever having a bad day and just want to see cute puppies to cheer yourself up, I recommend this site. It’s probably also got useful information if you’re planning on getting a Pomeranian.

What’s On My Mind by Christina (Webblogs/OCD and Me) Invisible health conditions, whether physical or mental, are, well, invisible. People who haven’t experienced one don’t always understand. Christina brings awareness to OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, by simply sharing her life and thoughts.

Remembering Polly by Amy Boucher (Nearly Knowledgeable) A look at the sad history of a little girl who was murdered by people she should have been able to trust, and the ghost story and folklore that has grown up around her.

If I read it and I like it, or find it interesting, it goes in here. I try to only include one item from any single author in a week (even if I loved a number of things they published), because otherwise the list would get over-long.

I don’t do paid reviews, but I do accept recommendations, and even review copies of books, so if you’d particularly like me to review something, tell me about it.

    A Look at a Book

    Cover of Poetic Pets, featuring Princess, a seal-point ragdoll kitten.

    Poetic Pets

    A collection of cute and simple poems about a collection of cute and simple pets.

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    By Iris Carden

    Iris Carden is an Australian indie author, mother, grandmother, and chronic illness patient. On good days, she writes. Because of the unpredictability of her health, she writes on an indie basis, not trying to meet deadlines. She lives on a disability support pension now, but her ultimate dream is to earn her own living from her writing.


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