The Week in Review

Pink iris with text: "The Week in Review"

The Week in Review

What I’ve Written

Photo an iPad with keyboard attached. Caption reads: “Two in one.”

Sunday: Two in One

When all the tech dies at once, can I save money by making one device do the work of two?

Drawing of a landline phone. Caption reads: “The landline phone rang.”

Monday: Cindy

It’s a pity fairy godmothers don’t really exist.

Photo of a cassowary. Caption reads: “The cassowary, also known as the psycho murder chicken.”

Tuesday: Cassowary

Greg is fed up with his job at the zoo. Planning to quit anyway, he gives new, still accurate, descriptions of the animals.

Drawing, sunrise, with rays of light through clouds in a coloured sky. Caption reads: “Tomorrow’s another day.”

Wednesday: Another Day

As I try to fall asleep
I pick apart the day
the things I’ve got wrong
the mistakes I’ve made.
Drawing: a field of lavender, with a drag mark through it. Caption reads, “Drag marks through the lavender field.”

Thursday: Bunyip

A child has been taken by a strange creature. The Human Defence Unit are on the case.

Photo: Princess, a seal-point rag doll cat, lying on a cat tower in the middle of a disorganised lounge room. Caption reads: “My cat tower was in the wrong place!

Friday: Fierce Kitty

Princess is normally an agreeable cat, but don’t lurk around outside her window at night-time.

Drawing of a partly-built brick wall with a sign saying: "Under construction." Caption reads: "Work in progress."

Saturday: Family Lies Chapter 11: Records

The result of the record search confirms some of Emily’s fears, but also brings a surprise.

A Blast from the Past

A cup of coffee. Caption reads: As Margaret was delivering the coffees, the biggest of the men

17 Feb 2022: Not on the Menu

The new waitress knows how to deal with louts who think waitresses are on the menu.

What I’ve Read

Peaceful Goodbye poem by Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy (Grace of the Sun) A beautiful poem about love, grief and letting go.

Raindrops poem by E.J. Grigg (E.J. Grigg Author) A poem recalling the value of a rainy day.

Birds short story by Brigette (Brigette Tales) Brigette cleverly uses birds as an analogy for the magic of writing.

The Joy of Mediocrity: We Need Hobbies, Even if We’re Bad at Them, to Free us from Perfection by Kerri Duncan (The Guardian) Sometimes you have to do things, just because you love them, and not worry about being good at them.

A Look at a Book

Cover of Group Meeting by Iris Carden. Cover features photo of old, abandoned, abandoned grave.

Group Meeting

(Novella) In a facility for the criminally insane, a group of people with sinister pasts starts to be visited by a girl who doesn’t exist.

Reviews for Group Meeting:

Group Meeting is quite a spotlight into twisted minds and the depths of insanity…engrossing story by Iris Carden with quite the twist at the end…wow! – Dawn (Amazon)

Fascinating, with an amazing twist right at the end. Deep and varied Characterisations and emotive scene setting. It was totally unexpected, and surprised even me. Highly recommended. – Annie (Amazon)

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By Iris Carden

Iris Carden is an Australian indie author, mother, grandmother, and chronic illness patient. On good days, she writes. Because of the unpredictability of her health, she writes on an indie basis, not trying to meet deadlines. She lives on a disability support pension now, but her ultimate dream is to earn her own living from her writing.

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