Colony Chapter 10

Drawing of a beam coming from a flying saucer, causing fire. Caption reads: "Colony Work in progress."

Work Allocation chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden

The residents of the household were all having breakfast when intercom from the gate announced a Zaratin official.  

As Angela hit the button for the gate, her parents took a tray with their coffee and food, and headed down into the bunker.  

Angela opened the door and let the official in.

Again, talking via the box on its belt, the Zaratin said, “I am here to present work orders.  All humans named will attend to work from nine tomorrow morning.

“Angela James, who works recording trades will attend at the Queensland State Parliament building, to begin working to record the trades of the Zaratin Empire as it trades with Earth nations.”

Angela nodded.  “OK,” she said.

“Martha Roberts, who works in education will attend the Queensland State Parliament to educate Zaratin officials in Earth culture and trade and politics.”

“That’s a lot to teach,” Martha said, “but I will try.”

“Zaratin are excellent students. You will teach excellent students.”

“How could I possibly resist excellent students?”

“You will not resist.  You will do the work that is allocated.  Maria Worthy, who is a healer will report for work at Royal Brisbane Hospital.”

Maria groaned.  “Yes, I’ll report as instructed.”

“Adam worthy who is builder and food grower will remain here to grow food, and to increase the amount of food which is grown in this place.”

“Fine by me,” Adam said.

“Mary James and Edward James who have no known skills will accompany me now to go to education facility to learn skills.”

“They’re not here,” Angela said.

“Where are Mary James and Edward James?”

“They left.  I don’t know where they were going. They didn’t say.”

“Zaratin official will now search for Mary James and Edward James.”

The Zaratin did search throughout the house.  Angela accompanied it on the search, hoping she didn’t give away how frightened she was when they reached the garage.

She was slightly surprised to find Maria there, feeding treats to Luci, in front of the shelves that hid the entrance to the bunker.  The Zaratin stayed well back from the little cat, and therefore from the shelves.

“I found where Luci sneaked off to, the little scamp,” Maria said. Angela was quietly grateful Zaratins seemed scared of the cat.

“Zaratin official does not find Mary James and Edward James and will record them missing.  You will advise officials at Queensland Parliament building if they return.”

Angela agreed she would advise officials if her parents returned. She waited until after the gate was closed behind the official’s vehicle, before she went to the bunker to tell her parents it was safe to come out.

Later, she emailed Jamie:

Hi Jamie,

Martha and I have new jobs.  We’re going to be working for the Zaratin Empire in the State Parliament House, where all the high-ups are. 

I’ve never been there before.  Sounds like such a fun place.  Working there could be kind of like a party.  You know, the type with fireworks?

Maria’s going back to her old job at the hospital, and Adam’s here refocussing on growing food supplies. 

Mum and Dad have gone away.  They missed being going to education facility to learn how to be useful.

Even though I have a new job, I still wouldn’t mind being a railway conductor.

I hope you are enjoying your stay with the neighbours.

Your friend,


She looked it over again before sending.  “What do you think Luci? Says nothing much and also everything?” Luci purred.  Angela hit “send”.

Please note: these chapters are the very raw first draft, what appears in the final book may be different. The working title has changed from Survival to Colony, as has the draft cover art, and they may or may not change again before I finish writing the book..

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By Iris Carden

Iris Carden is an Australian indie author, mother, grandmother, and chronic illness patient. On good days, she writes. Because of the unpredictability of her health, she writes on an indie basis, not trying to meet deadlines. She lives on a disability support pension now, but her ultimate dream is to earn her own living from her writing.

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