The Week in Review

Pink iris (Iris Carden Author logo) Caption reads: "The Week in Review."

What I’ve written

Screenshot of Apple Health summary. Caption reads: "It seems like my whole life is measured by technology."

Sunday: Tech Tools Help with Health

People with chronic illnesses need all the help we can get, to manage our health.

Drawing: a bowl with flames coming out, in front of a fresco painting and marble columns, with a torch leaning against one of the columns. Caption reads: "I have to light a torch from a brazier?"

Monday: Atlantean

A girl who has been left out and bullied for her whole life discovers where she belongs.

Drawing of a demon, he's red, with horns, a curling moustache and a goatee beard, with flames behind him. Caption reads: "True evil is mundane."

Tuesday: Mundane Evil

Dr Querulous is addressing his first year demonic students on the nature of mundane evil.

Drawing: a signpost at a crossroads. Directions are "Back", "Forward", "Somewhere" and "Nowhere". Caption reads: "Life is a journey, so I've heard."

Wednesday: Journey

Life's a journey, so I've heard,
but no-one said which way to turn,
So many choices, so much stress!
I didn't get my map or GPS!
White stone mausoleum with the name "Bloodhurst" on it. Caption reads: "It was one of those family crypt things."

Thursday: Bloodhurst

A teenager claims to have seen a vampire. His friends go the cemetery with him to prove him wrong.

Photo of Mr Bumpy, a thin, elderly, black and white cat. Caption reads: "I usually enjoy being a jerk."

Friday: Jerk

Normally, Mr Bumpy loves doing things that get him called “jerk”, but he’s recently learned a new meaning for the word, that he really doesn’t like.

Drawing of a beam coming from a flying saucer, causing fire. Caption reads: "Colony Work in progress."

Saturday: Bunker

Chapter 9 of my work in progress reveals a potentially useful resource.

What I’ve read

Umbra Daemonium and Other Short Stories by Laura M. Austin (@kyhorrorstory on Twitter) In these stories you’ll find a possessed house, helpful wolves, someone with a touch of necrophilia, a cheesed-off unicorn, a jealous boyfriend of a super-human, a supernatural hunter of predators (the human kind), and a little boy who explores further than he should. They’re all well-told stories, with some interesting twists along the way. This book is well-worth reading. I bought it on Apple Books, but it’s available in multiple places.

Jax short story by Dawn Renee Miller (Dawn Renee Writes) A little bit cute and a little bit creepy. A very nicely written short story.

Thirteen Steps Down by Ruth Rendell. I picked this novel up second-hand. It’s amazing what treasures you can find at your local op shop. In this book Gwendoline Chawcer fantasises about the doctor she had a crush on many years ago. Her tenant Mix Cellini fantasises about the model he is stalking. The model, Nerissa Nash, fantasises about the boy next door. Because it’s by Ruth Rendell, you know none of these are going to turn out the way the characters dream they will. Rendell puts the reader into the mind of each of these three characters, and a couple of more minor characters: a killer, and the people around the killer. We see how the killer justifies their actions, and how the people around them pick up bits of the puzzle to give to the police.

A look at a book

Let’s look at a children’s book this week.

This is one of the stories I made up for my own (now adult) kids when they were little.

Cover of Fred Flamingo Wants to Dance, by Iris Carden. Features watercolour of three flamingos.

Fred Flamingo Wants to Dance

Fred Flamingo has left his friends and his lake, and has gone to look for someone who can teach him how to dance. Will he find what he’s looking for?


By Iris Carden

Iris Carden is an Australian indie author, mother, grandmother, and chronic illness patient. On good days, she writes. Because of the unpredictability of her health, she writes on an indie basis, not trying to meet deadlines. She lives on a disability support pension now, but her ultimate dream is to earn her own living from her writing.

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