Week in Review

Pink iris (Iris Carden Author logo) Caption reads: "The Week in Review."

What I’ve written this week

Photo of an open wound on the writer's upper back. Caption reads: "The wound was open."

Sunday: Methotrexate and Healing

People with lupus used to be told wounds wouldn’t heal if we took methotrexate. Recent research has changed that advice.

Drawing of of two distorted red beings, not quite human-shaped, with large open mouths. Caption reads: "I never actually saw the things."

Monday: In My Head

A slightly disturbing little horror story.

Drawing of a tyre swing hanging from a tree. Caption reads: "She remembered afternoons playing on the old tyre swing."

Tuesday: Home

A woman returns to a place from her past, and makes a decision.

Treetops with red, yellow and blackened sky. Caption reads: "Red sky at night, bushfire alight."

Wednesday: Red Sky, Black Sky

A poem about bushfire.

Remember the bushfires? Back before the floods before covid, before the other floods?

Photo of books in a bookcase. Caption reads: The Library was her favourite place to be."

Thursday: Alone

A young child has discovered something many adults struggle to learn: that it is better to be alone than with people who hurt you.

Two photos of Princess, a seal-point ragdoll cat. In one photo she's in a purple cat tunnel that has white spots. In another she's looking out of an access hatch on the top of her blue cat carrier box. Caption reads: "I like places where I can hide."

Friday: Favourite Places

Princess Cat is a sneakypaws who loves to find places to hide.

Drawing, close up of an blue eye, which is reddened. Caption reads: "A red eye looked back at her."

Saturday: Survival Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of my new science fiction work in progress.

What I’ve enjoyed reading this week


I’ve started writing a new book, which is named Survival (at least that’s the working title for now.) The inspiration for this came from a Twitter conversation. Another writer asked if it was better to have a strong main character, or a main character who is made strong by the trials they face. I suggested that despite the common belief, trials usually don’t make people stronger, they break people, make them weaker. This person responded that people then heal and get stronger.

I thought about all of the people I know who have not healed from their trauma, and are unlikely to. These people are also worthy of stories. Real heroes are people who keep going despite their weakness and trauma, the people who put one foot in front of the other and keep going each day even though they are weak.

I decided to write a main character who just keeps on going, even though she is traumatised and broken. She doesn’t see herself as the hero of the story, just a practical person who does what has to be done to survive. Along the way she is the reason others survive as well.

A look at a book

Cover of Muse by Iris Carden, featuring painting of ancient marble statue, with red eyes and blood dripping from the mouth


Rescuer? Predator? Imaginary childhood friend? Artist’s muse? Goddess? Ancient unspeakable evil? All of these and worse? You always knew you didn’t imagine that shadow that moved, the thing lurking just outside of your field of view, the items that weren’t where you left them. You always knew, but you chose to ignore it, because the alternative was unthinkable. From the slightly warped mind of author Iris Carden, comes a monster who can give you everything you ever wanted, for a price. The catch is, you don’t know the price when you accept deal. When a failing author and an artist at the start of her career discover inspiration comes at a cost, and the consequences will outlive them both. (This book is absolutely not for kids.)

Reviews for Muse:

Perfect October read……or any time, actually! Muse is a very fast paced, creepy story filled with some unique characters. Iris Carden gives you a good reminder of why if something seems too good to be true, you should RUN! – Dawn (Amazon)

Goosebumps! Great read! No feet left sticking out of the covers after reading this one! Yet another great book from Iris. Looking forward to the next publication! – TvR (Amazon)

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By Iris Carden

Iris Carden is an Australian indie author, mother, grandmother, and chronic illness patient. On good days, she writes. Because of the unpredictability of her health, she writes on an indie basis, not trying to meet deadlines. She lives on a disability support pension now, but her ultimate dream is to earn her own living from her writing.

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