The Venomous Void Chapter 7

Pencil drawing of a toad in overalls and a hardhat. Caption reads: "Toad could not get her flippers into boots."

Into the Void

Chapter of Work in Progress by Iris Carden

Frederick had blinked overalls, hardhats with lights, and boots heavy boots for himself, Wendy, and the animals. Toad could not get her flippers into boots.

“This is what the specialist rescue team would wear if they were going into an unknown place where the light wasn’t good,” he said.  “And I’ve added clips on the waist of the overalls.  We put the thread through the loops, so even though it will be dark and foggy, we can find each other as well as finding the way back at any time.”

They were on the outer edge of the Void, having blinked to that realm.  

“Our powers won’t work once we get into the void itself.” Wendy said.  “I’m going to tell Mum we’re about to go in.”

She blinked, and thought, “Mum, we’re on the edge of the Void.  We’re all OK and we’re going in now.  We won’t be able to contact you for a while. I’ll contact you when we’re back again.”

In her head, she heard her mother’s voice. “If I don’t hear from you very soon, I will call for the rescue team. If it looks too difficult, or dangerous, turn back and come home.”

Frederick threaded the Ariadne’s thread through the loops in each of their overalls, and tied the end on a tree branch on the edge of the void.  

“I’m going in front.” He said, “Toad, you’ll have to ride on Wendy’s shoulder instead of on top of her head because of the helmet.  Woofles, you take up the rear.  I’ll take the ball of thread and unravel it as we go.”

They started into the void.  From the edge of the realm where it was bright and sunny, they stepped straight into the fog.

“Turn your lights on everyone,” Frederick said.

They all turned on the lights on their helmets. Those lights, along with the glow from Ariadne’s thread gave them just enough light to see each other and two or three steps in front of them.

“OK everyone, Mr G. said we the void will make what we feel bigger, or something like that.  So we have to be hopeful, think about how we’re going to help Bobby, and how much we care about him. The thread has hope in it too, so that will help.”

“If anyone in any world can help Bobby, it will be you, Wendy,” Frederick said.  “You helped me. “

“It’s not just me,” Wendy said, “You and Woffles and Toad are doing this too. We’re a team.”

“We’re a family,” Woofles said.  “And Bobby is part of our family and we’re going to help him.”

“Remember you didn’t like Bobby when you first met?” Toad asked, “But I told you he’s a sweet little boy, and then you got to know him and you found that out for yourself.  Now he’s your brother.”

“I remember,” Wendy said, “I was so bad tempered back then, when everything changed all at once.  But now I’m so glad that Bobby and David are part of our family, and I’m even glad we moved to Peacock Valley, because I have a great school and great friends.”

As they walked through the dense fog, always watching where they put their feet, because of fallen logs, sticks, and rocks, they kept talking about what they loved about their family and each other, and especially about Bobby, who they were there to help.

The thick fog swirled around them, sometimes seeming to make shapes, like faces. Sometimes it felt as if things brushed against them.  There was a sound like many voices whispering, but too quietly to hear what they were saying.

“This is a very strange place,” Toad said.  “I’m glad we’re all together.  It might have been scary otherwise.”

“There’s no need to be scared,” Woofles said. “We’re going to help Bobby, and we’re all together, and we’re looking after each other.”

“There’s no need to be scared.  Other Watchitts have been through here safely before.  But Toad’s right, this is a really strange place, and I’m glad I’m with all of you.  Imagine poor Uncle Octavius coming here all alone.  It must have been very scary for him,” Wendy said.

“Thinking of my father, I wonder if we’ll find anything here that can help him.” Frederick said.

“How long have we been walking?” Woofles asked.  “I think it might be time for a rest.  I’m not used to wearing boots and my paws are tired.”

They sat on a fallen log, and took snacks out of their backpacks to eat, when they clearly heard a voice from among the whispering sounds: “Frederick? Is that you”

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Now the story is complete, I will edit it and get it ready to publish it as a book. Look out for it soon at your favourite online bookshop.

The Venomous Void will be the sequel to Wendy Watchitt

Cover of Wendy Watchitt by Iris Carden, features and oil painting of a girl who has a toad sitting in her curly red hair.

Wendy Watchitt is just an average 10 year old girl.

She’s brave and clever and caring. She carries her pet toad on her head, and makes strange things happen when she blinks. Well, perhaps she isn’t quite so average.

A new adventure starts for Wendy when her family moves house.

A new town, a new home, new school, and new best friend are just the beginning of what she’s going to find.

Wendy will have to save her friends, travel between realms, learn some very big family secrets, and still find time to get her homework done.

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