The Venomous Void Chapter 5

Pencil drawing of a large dog with its paw on a child's head. Caption reads: "Bobby was resting with Woofles beside him."

The Problem at Home

Chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden

Wendy, Frederick, and Toad arrived home to find Maria and David very worried.

“What’s wrong?” Wendy asked.

“Bobby’s sick,” Maria said simply.  “Conventional medicine can’t help.  I’ve tried using my Watchitt abilities, but it won’t work.  You’re stronger than me. I need you to try.”

They went to Bobby’s room, where Bobby was resting with Woofles beside him.  

Woofles wagged his tail, glad to see the rest of his family home.  Bobby looked very pale.  He had huge bruises on his arms and legs.

“The problem’s inside his bones,” Maria explained.

Wendy put her hand on Bobby’s forehead. She closed her eyes and concentrated.

“Inside the bones is the marrow, can you see it?” Maria asked.

Wendy nodded.

“Can you see or feel what’s wrong with it? It’s a new kind of leukaemia, one no-one’s ever seen before.”

Wendy nodded again.  She concentrated.  She blinked three or four times.  She tried again and again.  Nothing happened.

“Can we all try together?” Wendy asked.  Wendy, Maria, Frederick, Woofles, and Toad, all concentrated. “Blink together,” Wendy said, “three, two one.” 

The Watchitts and Watchitanian animals all blinked, but nothing changed.

“Is this my fault?” Frederick asked.  “When I was Fallen, I made Woofles sick, and then Wendy too.”

“I don’t know what caused it,” Maria answered quietly.  “But what caused it doesn’t matter, the problem now is what we do about it. And even if you did cause it, we all know how you came to be what you were, and we know you are better now. No matter what, it’s not your fault, so don’t feel guilty about it. Just help us find a solution.”

“None of us are looking for someone to blame,” David added.  “We just want Bobby to get better.”

Bobby opened his eyes and reached out to hold Frederick’s hand.

“I have another idea,” Wendy said.

“What idea?” David asked. 

Wendy looked at Frederick.  “The fruit,” she said.  “The fruit your father was looking for.  One gave great wisdom, but the other was for healing and long life wasn’t it?”

“But we’d have to go through the Venomous Void to get it,” Frederick answered.  “I’d have to go.  You’re going to be Queen. It’s too dangerous for you to go.”

“I’m going,” Wendy said firmly.

“What exactly is the Venomous Void, and why is it dangerous?” Maria asked.

Frederick and Wendy between them explained the story Octavius had told.

“What if I go?” David asked.  “He’s my son, after all.”

Maria shook her head. “As a human, you can’t travel between realms by yourself.  You’d need a very strong Watchitt like Wendy, or a couple of Watchitts to carry you.  No. If anyone is going, it has to be one of us.”

“How about two of us?” Frederick asked.

“What if Wendy and I both go? It’s true that Wendy is the strongest of us, but she’s also the youngest, apart from the pets, and someone should go to help her.  I’ve been training for a couple of weeks with the rescue squad.  I should go.  You’re a doctor, Maria, Bobby might need you while we’re gone.”

“I’ll go too,” Woofles said.

“Well, don’t leave me behind,” Toad added.

“I don’t like the idea of you going,” Maria admitted, “but I understand why you want to.  I think if you are all going, we need to plan carefully, to make sure you are safe, especially if you can’t use your powers once you’re actually inside the void.”

“While we’re planning, we should ask Mr G if he knows anything about it too,” Wendy suggested. 

Mr Glanville was Wendy’s school principal, and was an Ancient, a type being who lived for a very long time and was known for being very wise.

“That’s a very good idea,” Maria agreed, “although I still wish someone else were going.”

Chapters of the Venomous Void to date:

Now the story is complete, I will edit it and get it ready to publish it as a book. Look out for it soon at your favourite online bookshop.

The Venomous Void is my current work in progress, and will be the Sequel to Wendy Watchitt

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Wendy Watchitt

Wendy Watchitt is just an average 10 year old girl.

She’s brave and clever and caring. She carries her pet toad on her head, and makes strange things happen when she blinks. Well, perhaps she isn’t quite so average.

A new adventure starts for Wendy when her family moves house.

A new town, a new home, new school, and new best friend are just the beginning of what she’s going to find.

Wendy will have to save her friends, travel between realms, learn some very big family secrets, and still find time to get her homework done.

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Iris Carden is an Australian indie author, mother, grandmother, and chronic illness patient. On good days, she writes. Because of the unpredictability of her health, she writes on an indie basis, not trying to meet deadlines. She lives on a disability support pension now, but her ultimate dream is to earn her own living from her writing.


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