Amazon short story by Iris Carden The visiting exhibit was called “Amazons”, and included Greek pottery painted with images of Amazons, a couple of statues, a mosaic which had been removed from an ancient floor and placed on a board for display, that kind of thing.   There was no art actually from the Amazon…… Continue reading Amazon



Bees poem by Iris Carden Won’t someone think of the bees? That pollinate flowers and trees, with pollen up to their knees. Oh think of the bees, please. Why not grow them some flowers? You could keep them happy for hours. Little bees work hard for our good, and help the plants supply our food.…… Continue reading Bees


Blast short story by Iris Carden Derek liked to think of himself as a child of the atomic age.   He hadn’t been alive when the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  He hadn’t been alive when the British tested at Maralinga, or the French at Moruroa. He had, however, as a child read…… Continue reading Blast

The Week in Review

The Week in Review What I’ve Written Sunday: Brunch Smoothie Recipe My recipe for a smooth, creamy, healthy smoothie. Serves one very hungry person. Monday: The Best The strange tale of Samantha, who just wanted to excel at something, anything. Actually, she just wanted her parents to notice her. Tuesday: Cat A magical cat reflects…… Continue reading The Week in Review

Family Lies Chapter 23: Family Barbecue

Listen to this chapter as a podcast episode here. Family Lies Chapter 23: Family Barbecue Emily and her daughters were setting the table in the back yard for the weekly family barbecue. It was their first since the bomb blast. They opened multiple dishes of salads and packets of buttered bread. Jake pushed Elsie’s wheelchair…… Continue reading Family Lies Chapter 23: Family Barbecue


Hear this poem as a podcast episode here. Money poem by Iris Carden They say money can’t buy happiness to some extent that’s true. But money would be handy when all the bills come due. Living on the financial edge, or struggling on even less, and budgeting with nothing, creates a lot of stress. I’m…… Continue reading Money