The Rip

The Rip Short story by Iris Carden Orsinius Wishlet was sitting in the break room at his work. He had recently learned how to make coffee, a soup of magical beans. He’d made one each for himself and his friend and boss Ariana. He took a mouthful of the coffee. Its magic was very mild,…… Continue reading The Rip

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt I’m changing the Saturday Writing Club format yet again. I’m still experimenting to find what other writers actually want. So now I’m going to try just a Writing Prompt or a Discussion Topic each week, not both together. Writing Prompt Let’s steal a quote from my favourite philosopher, Garfield the cat. The prompt…… Continue reading Writing Prompt

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale Short story by Iris Carden Elizabeth had prepared for this meeting very carefully. She’d found out everything she could about the man who would be across the table from her. She knew what it had taken for others to succeed in the task ahead. She’d had her hair and nails professionally done. It…… Continue reading Femme Fatale