Wolf short story by Iris Carden Senior Agent Jo Burns had been called to the office of Inspector David Webber, the police liaison with the HDU. She was surprised to find the Queensland Premier already in the office, waiting for her. The Premier passed a manila file folder, labelled “confidential”, to Jo. “Do you know…… Continue reading Wolf

The Week Before Christmas

The Week Before Christmas poem by Iris Carden It was a week before Christmas and things weren’t going well, Santa’s cost-cutting measures were beginning to tell. The reindeer were weak, from inferior food, Elves working overtime, were in a horrible mood. The elves formed a union. Reindeer did the same. They presented Santa, their demands…… Continue reading The Week Before Christmas

Techno Ghost

Techno Ghost short story by Iris Carden Senior Agent Jo Burns called Trainee Agent Harry Smythe to her office. As always, she quizzed him about his knowledge on the subject before taking him on assignment. “What do you know about ghosts, Harry?” “Most ghosts are deceased humans with unfinished business. Poltergeists are the outworking of…… Continue reading Techno Ghost

Putting Christ in Christmas

Putting Christ in Christmas by Iris Carden Throughout December, there’s often lots of posts on social media about putting Christ back in Christmas. I would suggest the way to do that would be to follow Jesus’ own instructions, as reported in the Gospels. Don’t judge others. If you are concerned about “sin” be concerned about…… Continue reading Putting Christ in Christmas

The Week in Review

The Week in Review What I’ve Written Sunday: Inspiration Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with ideas. Sometimes, I wish I could grab a can of inspiration from the pantry. Monday: They Do Not Exist An elite unit protects humans from non-human things. Tuesday: Krampus Trainee Agent Harry Smythe has brought some Christmas decorations into the HDU office.…… Continue reading The Week in Review

Colony Chapter Sixteen

Cats chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden There was an alert from the gate.  An electronic voice said, “Zaratin official to see Angela James. Official has no weapon.” They let the official in.  Edward and James didn’t bother going to hide.  It did not have a weapon, the only thing on the belt…… Continue reading Colony Chapter Sixteen


Bubbles poem by Iris Carden A puff of breath, trapped in a rainbow film, floats on air, on breeze to roam, to float, to fly, a moment of wonder, of whimsy. Air floating on air, shining, bright, a thing of light. To land and to burst: detergent splotch. Float no more, wonder’s lost.